Molly Byrom

British author. She emigrated to Australia and now lives on a small property surrounded with horses and other animals. Horses are a big love in her life and her husband was a trotting driver! She is now in her late seventies so must have been fairly young when she wrote a pony book called Jockey Silks .As the title suggests it is set in the world of horse racing. It is a hard to find book and can be expensive. It appears to be the only book she wrote.

Many thanks to the author's daughter, Jenny Ellis, who provided the above information.

Horse & Pony Books:

SUMMARY: Morning Star, a top racing filly escapes from her yard and ends up in Scotland where she is rescued from a bog by a crofter who uses her as a riding horse and eventually breeds from her. Her son  Black Mystery, becomes the mount of the crofter's son Mike, and the boy thinks the horse will win races. Mike is an aspiring jockey and must leave his colt behind to join a yard in the south, coincidentally the same yard from where Black Mystery's dam disappeared! When the trainer Johnny Dare sees a photo of Black Mystery's dam he notices the resemblance to the long-missing filly. Could this be Morning Star? And if so could Black Mystery have inherited her talent?

Collector's info:
As far as I know not reprinted at all. Extremely rare book. May be expensive if you can track one down.